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The United States are amid an opioid crisis, but there’s an app to help! CORRE is a University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) student-led commercial venture that aims to enable the Texas community to prevent opioid overdose deaths. We provide a platform to bridge the problem (opioid overdose) with the solution (naloxone). We train our app users to safely assess opioid overdoses, administer naloxone, and provide them with free naloxone kits. Our app network allows app users to respond to overdoses in life-saving minutes. Our discrete wearable device monitors blood oxygen levels. When blood oxygen levels are low, GPS location is sent to the app.   


The mission of CORRE is to educate the community to safely assess opioid overdoses and equip individuals with free naloxone kits/training to create a community ready to respond.


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Holly Chapman, M.S.

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Co-Founder & CEO

       Holly L. Chapman, M.S. is a senior graduate student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Human Pathophysiology and Translational Medicine Department. Through her education on chemical dependence, social work counseling, oratorial skills learned through educational outreach events on substance use disorder, and a career built in substance use research, Ms. Chapman is well prepared to forward the research mission of CORRE.


MaryBeth Trevino

Research, Education, and Community Health Coalition

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      Mary Beth Trevino is the Research Education and Community Health (REACH) Coordinator. Ms. Trevino is well connected to the community and specializes in community outreach for CORRE.


Jacqueline Silva, B.S.

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Co-Founder & COO 

      Jacqueline D. Silva, B.S. is a senior graduate student at the University of Texas Medical Branch in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Program. Equipped with a passion for combating the opioid epidemic, a detailed understanding of neuropharmacology, excellent communication skills, and multiple community connections, Ms. Silva is well poised to carry out the mission of CORRE.


Christopher Lewis, B.S.

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  Christopher M. Lewis, B.S. is a research technician in the Center for Addiction Sciences and Therapeutics at the University of Texas Medical Branch and is going on to complete a second bachelor’s in biotechnology at University of Houston. With an extensive background in technology and a passion for combatting the growing issue of opioid overdose, Mr. Lewis is committed to developing technological interventions to assist with the mission at CORRE.

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